The first step; Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Your brand is more than just a logo, name and slogan. Your brand has a purpose. It’s a promise to your customer, and a cohesive experience that tells them what they can expect from your company, product or services. We can help you to start a new brand or product, or simply re-brand or re-discover your existing one. 

+ Naming, Voice & Messaging

+ Market Research

+ Logo Design

+ Visual Identity

+ Print & Digital Collateral

+ Packaging Design

+ Brand Guidelines & Positioning

+ Tagline Development

Product Design Development


We are innovators who think outside the box. We are equipped with some of the best talent in their respective fields and we are dedicated to making your wildest thoughts and ideas come to life. With a specialty in watch design and manufacturing, we know complicated; There's no task too simple or too difficult for us to handle. 


+ Ideation + Sketching

+ Watch Design (Specialty)

+ Product Design

+ Prototyping

+ Photorealistic 3D Renderings

+ 3D CAD Development

+ Mass Production

+ Technical Specifications

Web Presence


We equip you with all the essential communication tools and materials to ensure your brand delivers a strong message to its target audience. In the age of social media, its key to find constant new and unique ways to stand out amongst your competitors and provide a cohesive experience across all platforms. 


+ Facebook Management

+ Instagram Management

+ Web-Store Design

+ Web Development

+ Art Direction 

+ Graphic Design

+ Social Media Strategy 

+ Crowd-funding Campaign



We develop on-time packaging solutions that enhance the overall value of products. We strive to offer the best materials for the best prices. From structured paper, to a range of premium woods and metal, we can elevate your packaging ideas to its full potential.


+ Wooden Box

+ Paper Box

+ Injection Moulding

+ Logo Stamping

+ Metal Box

+ Competitive Pricing

+ Prototyping

+ Mass Production


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