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Our watch division boasts some of the industry's leading designs and techniques. As innovators we strive to push the limits beyond ones frame of reference, and thus, our designs have grossed over 8 million USD to date. With over a decade of experience in the industry designing for brands across the globe, we are equipped to manage any task at hand to bring your idea to reality.


+ Brand Identity 

+ Watch Concept Design 

+ Prototyping & Manufacturing 

+ Technical Specification Packages

+ 3D CAD Development

+ 3D Renderings (CGI) + Animation

+ Packaging Design & Development 

+ Web Design & Development

Following the definitions of your timepieces, follows the concept development. Through extensive research and analyzing the users needs, we create a timepiece that is unique to your brand's identity. We ideate in extreme detail so the imaginary comes to life in 2D. This is the skeletal system from which everything else will follow.

This requires fleshing out those skeletal sketches and turning them into wireframes. We are meticulous with every part, line and curvature, breaking the timepiece down to the smallest details imaginable. A well developed 3D model will not only ensure a smooth manufacturing process, but set the platform for beautiful marketing imagery.

Having applied the intended materials to the 3D model, this is where it all comes to life. Perceive the world in new ways and turn imaginative ideas to a reality, while saving time and money on additional marketing tools. View details unseen by the naked eye and present your timepiece to its consumers in the best light possible.


Prototypes & Manufacturing

Our production combines meticulous hand-assembly with the most advanced technology available to ensure our watches are both beautiful and built to last. We are partnered with a group of extraordinary manufacturers whose obsession with craftsmanship and quality match our own. Each of our partners has a long legacy of making products that are beautiful, meaningful and made to last. Every timepiece undergoes a high level of precision, engineering and finishing, where care and attention to detail span the entire process, from the first prototype to the final assemblage.

The movement is the most important element of any timepiece. Having designed and built around a vast selection of calibers, we offer a wide selection of mechanical (automatic and quartz)  at competitive pricing.  

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