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An Italian Speedster

Breath-taking, bold and built to last, this OVAO timepiece sports the intricate details of the classic racer. Built from composite carbon and high grade stainless steel, this watch deems the attention it deserves - A leader in its own league.  

The Flagship Killer

Shanghai chronograph automatic, 30 - jewels, 
self winding & built with 381 components, with a power reserve of 40 hours.



The Monza is built with the finest materials including high grade stainless steel & carbon fiber and assembled with the craftsmanship of fine Italian watchmakers.

The Idea
Ever wondered why caution signs were designed the way they are? Why they are essentially never inconspicuous? After much study, we came to realize that duplicating simple concentric elements cause your eye to focus to that center. O V A O does just that, a symbol that causes you to stop, stare and bask in all its intricacies. 
The Identity
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